2014 Annual Report


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Twenty Years of Product Stewardship

Imagining the Possibilities

Call2Recycle®, North America’s most successful battery collection program, presents our 2014 annual report. Our 20 years of growth can be traced directly back to the investment of time, money and ideas by our stewards, partners and stakeholders. Their strong commitment has helped us weather the ups and downs of the battery market and recycling industry. Without their continued support, we would not have attained two historic milestones in 2014: Cumulative battery collections of 100 million pounds (45 million kilograms) and 18 years of year-over-year increases in the volume of batteries collected. These landmark events signify that our fundamental approach has stood the test of time.

  • In 2014, Call2Recycle diverted nearly 12 million pounds (5.4 million kilograms) of batteries and cellphones from landfills
  • Battery collections in California topped more than 1 million pounds (454,000 kilograms) for the 3rd straight year
  • Collections in Canada skyrocketed with over 2.2 million kilograms (4.4 million pounds) of batteries collected, and the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec recorded double-digit collection growth
  • A combination of robust results from national retail partnerships and municipal programs powered the collection increase, while Call2Recycle’s industry stewards drove segment growth

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