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2016 Annual Report online

Call2Recycle 2016 Annual Report

Call2Recycle 2016 Annual Report

Leading The Charge By Example

In 2016, Call2Recycle attained its 21st consecutive year of record-setting collections–a notable achievement for any recycling organization. We collected 14 million lbs. (6.3 million kgs) of batteries, a 12 percent jump from 2015, and the most batteries and cellphones we’ve collected in any single year. We also set another record of 129 million lbs. (58 million kgs) in collections since 1996. That amount exceeds the weight of two fully loaded freighter ships.

In addition, Call2Recycle Canada contributed to the growth with double-digit increases in at least two of its provinces. We attribute our success to the tireless hard work of North American municipalities, retailers and stewards that are committed to raising consumer awareness and improving accessibility.

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