2016 Battery Blitz School Mission Contest Wraps Up

BatteryBlitzMissionLogo_StackedEarth Rangers Partners with Call2Recycle to Collect Over 5,500 kg of Batteries!

Earth Rangers and Call2Recycle are delighted with the incredible results of their Battery Blitz School Mission Contest, which challenged 50 Greater Toronto Area schools to collect and recycle as many used batteries as they could.  This Mission not only taught students about the environmental impacts batteries can have when they end up in landfills, it also provided them with a tangible opportunity to take action by properly recycling batteries. Read more.

In a separate event, Earth Rangers & Call2Recycle congratulated the 12 winners of the On-Line Battery Blitz Mission Contest and everybody who participated in this Mission. Thanks to their commitment, we were able to recycle over 94,150 batteries during the month of February! Read more.

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