With the constant hustle and bustle of life, it’s easier than ever to become a battery hoarder. Whether its electronics packed away in the attic or boxed toys in the basement, old batteries are everywhere. Not only do old batteries contribute to clutter, they can pose a danger if not properly stored. The good news: you can break the battery hoarder habit and keep your living spaces clean and safe!

megaphone-icon-green-300x300BREAK THE BATTERY HOARDER HABIT

Help spread the word about battery recycling options and resources, which can help break the battery hoarder habit. To promote this campaign, click here


Break the battery hoarder habit with Call2Recycle! Whether you’re a consumer, organization or business, you can make a difference by recycling your batteries. Jumpstart your recycling efforts by entering to win one of 5 FREE Charged Up Battery Kits, which include:

A Battery Organizer | Duracell Rechargeable AA Battery Pack | Energizer Portable USB Charger | iHOME Portable Rechargeable Speaker | A Call2Recycle Battery Recycling Box

Thanks to everyone who entered! The contest is now closed. We will be notifying winners soon!

*Does not apply to Quebec residents

How can you responsibly recycle your batteries?

 Visit our locator to find where to recycle your used batteries