Appel à Recycler says Allo la Terre

In April, Appel à Recycler (Call2Recycle in Quebec) took part in back-to-back successful recycling awareness events organized by le Jour de la Terre Québec, the Quebec arm of Earth Day Canada. On April 22, hundreds of people took part in “Allo la Terre” at Montreal’s Victoria Square. The next day, le Jour de la Terre Québec unveiled a new sculpture by Roadsworth at the Montreal Eaton Centre.

Allo la Terre events are designed to educate the public about the importance of recycling old electronics, cellphones and used batteries. The event also included a collection component – visitors deposited 16 tons of used materials that day.

Since launching in 2008, Allo la Terre has collected more than 105 tons of used equipment for recycling. In addition to bringing their used equipment to these public events, members of the public may also deposit them at participating retailers, such as Le Super Club, Videotron and Archambault.

The April 23 event turned the spotlight directly on battery recycling when Peter Gibson (also known as Roadsworth) revealed his sculpture titled Battery Totems. Each of the nine-foot tall totems, constructed out of recycled cardboard and vinyl, depicted commonly used batteries. The artist created the piece as a reflection of our culture and the popularity of battery-driven products.

At the unveiling, Jean-Paul Thiéblot, Director, Eastern Canada for Appel à Recycler, explained how batteries sent to landfill can contaminate water tables and give off toxic vapours. He also described how Appel à Recycler diverts batteries from landfills and recycles them for use in a variety of products.

“Appel à Recycler and le Jour de la Terre Québec have a shared commitment to reducing everyone’s impact on the environment,” says Thiéblot. “These two events were a wonderful opportunity to get more members of the public thinking about how they can contribute to a more sustainable environment. We are proud to partner with le Jour de la Terre Québec and be involved with both events to improve awareness about the importance of battery recycling.”


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