Battery Recycling At Your Front Door!

Participate in the Call2Recycle At-Home Used Battery Collection Program.

Don’t throw out your batteries—recycle them! Improper battery disposal can hurt wildlife and the environment and put your family at risk too.

Recycling your batteries helps protect your community and wildlife from materials that may harm the environment if they end up in landfills. Also, metals reclaimed from recycled batteries can be used to make new products which helps in the development of a circular economy for a more sustainable future. 

To help you and your community recycle your used household batteries, Call2Recycle is introducing a limited-time test program where we will collect your used batteries right from your front door. We’re excited for you to participate in the Call2Recycle at-home battery recycling test program!

Once your batteries are picked up for recycling, they are sorted at a facility and sent for processing where metals are reclaimed for use in new products, including batteries, watches, golf clubs and small appliances.

What is Call2Recycle:

Call2Recycle is your provincially regulated, not-for-profit battery recycling program dedicated to the safe collection and recycling of used batteries.

We Want your Feedback!

Your feedback about this pilot program will help develop new at-home battery programs for other communities.  Once your batteries have been picked up, please click here to complete a brief survey and we’ll send you a $5 gift card to thank you!