BC Summer Ambassadors Hit the Road to Spread the Word about Recycling


The SFU student ambassadors from left to right: Sarah Pratt, Kathleen Belton, Ali Russell, Courtenay Miller

On Saturday, May 23, at Burnaby Park, BC Recycles kicked off the BC Recycles Summer Ambassador Program, a 19-week tour designed to encourage and promote responsible recycling of used materials, including single-use and rechargeable batteries, by BC residents. BC Recycles is a collection of 9 stewardship agencies in British Columbia.

Four specially trained university students or ‘ambassadors’ have hit the road this summer in branded vehicles.  They are canvassing the province to visit retailers, meet with government officials and attend community events to promote responsible recycling practices. In total, they will attend 20 community events, including exhibitions and rodeos, across British Columbia.

Their assignment?  Educate consumers, businesses and government officials about recycling household materials including used oil, tires, medications, electronics, lead-acid batteries, beverage containers, household batteries and small appliances. The ambassadors are also showing off how easy it is to get information about recycling using BC Recycle’s  ‘everything-anywhere’ tools: the bcrecycles.ca web site and Recyclepedia mobile app (Google Play, iTunes Store).

To follow the tour, visit #BCRecycles on Twitter and Facebook.  And BCers, be sure to keep an eye out for the special ambassador car in your neighborhood!

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