About the Contest

To help British Columbia students learn more about caring for the environment and proper waste management,  B.C. Science World Green Games and Call2Recycle®, the provincially approved consumer battery collection and recycling program, is challenging all schools to register for the used household battery recycling contest.


The contest begins October 19th and will run through November 30th

Students in each competing school will be challenged to collect as many used consumer household batteries as they can to win one of four school bursaries.


The contest is designed to:

  1. Raise awareness among young people about the importance of safe and responsible battery recycling for environmental sustainability.
  2. Encourage youth to adopt eco-responsible habits in their daily lives.

So that participating students can learn more about why to recycle their batteries and what happens to used batteries during the recycling process, each participating student will receive a battery recycling information kit including a recycled material bag to use for collecting batteries at home.

Battery Contest

  1. Collect used batteries
  2. Weigh the used batteries you collected
  3. Drop them at at Call2Recycle battery collection box at any participating location. Visit call2recycle.ca/locator to find a drop off location near you. If you have a significant amount of batteries (more than five kilograms) you can order a box from Call2Recycle by writing to [email protected] with your school name, address, contact email and phone number.

How to Enter the Contest?

  1. Participating schools, must send the following information to Stephanie Foster atCall2Recycle via email at [email protected].  Please, only one registration per institution.
  2. School Name
  3. School complete address (please provide both if separate mailing and location addresses)
  4. School contact name email address and phone number
  5. Number of students attending the school. The number of students indicated on the form must be accurate. Any incorrect information will result in disqualification from the contest.
  6. Volume of batteries were collected (weight in pounds or kilos
  7. Where they are being dropped
  8. A picture of the battery collections

Contest Rules and Regulations

  • This contest is reserved for schools in the province of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on the total weight in kgs of used batteries collected according to the number of students per school.
  • The grand prize is awarded based on the total weight in kgs, regardless of the number of students in the school.
  • Awards are issued in the name of the winning schools.


4 prizes will be offered to participating schools for a total of $3,250 in awards.

Grand Prize

A $1,500 award to the school that collected the greatest weight (measured in kilograms) in batteries.

3 Runner-Up Prizes

3 awards will be awarded to the runner-up schools that collected the greatest weight in batteries (measured in kilograms) per student ratio.

First place: $1000

Second place: $750

Third place: $500

Winner Announcements

Winning schools will be contacted in December 2020.

The public announcement of the winning schools will be made during the week of December 10th. The names and photos of the winning schools will be shared via news release and through Call2Recycle social media outreach. Call2Recycle will contact the schools in advance for written permission to share any photos on social media.

Questions About the Contest

If you have any other questions about the contest and procedure for sending and receiving collection boxes, please contact Stephanie Foster by email [email protected] or by phone at 438-448-4272.