Think “inside” the Box!

Box-In-Box-PullAlways looking for ways to make the collection site experience easier and more convenient for participants, Call2Recycle has developed a new method for shipping battery boxes to collection sites in Canada. Just as with the current collection kit, the new “Box-in-Box” still contains two collection boxes, but instead of shipping them side-by-side, they will now ship as one package – an outer box housing a slightly smaller inner box!

By nesting one container within another, Call2Recycle reduces the space needed for transportation by its shipping partners, helping to reduce the environmental impact of the program. Also, for those collection sites that house a large amount of collection boxes prior to filling them, the new kit will dramatically reduce the amount of storage space needed in the warehouse or backroom.

Thanks for your participation in the Call2Recycle program and should you have any questions about the new box kit, please contact Customer Service at 1.877.224.9764 or 1.877.723.1297 for French support. You can also send an email to [email protected]

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