Call2Recycle Canada Introduces Environmental Handling Fees in Two Provinces

After 20 years of growth in battery collections, Call2Recycle Canada is faced with balancing a rapidly changing industry landscape with maintaining its high environmental standards for recycling.  To ensure we can continue to offer the same level of service, Call2Recycle Canada announced the adoption of new Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) in two Canadian provinces–British Columbia and Manitoba –effective February 1. Quebec’s current fee schedule for batteries will also be amended.

An EHF is a fee levied on a product when sold to ensure the responsible collection and end-of-life management of the product. The first supplier into the province, such as the retailer, wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, is responsible for the fee, which the supplier can choose to pass along to the consumer as a hidden or visible fee.

“Our continued success is tied directly to our ability to meet the changing needs of Canadians within the demands of the recycling marketplace,” said Joe Zenobio, executive director of Call2Recycle Canada. “By adopting these fees, we can ensure Call2Recycle Canada will be able to continue to responsibly recycle batteries at the end of their useful life while aligning with industry best practices.”

For more information on the EHF program, contact your Call2Recycle Canada account manager or click here. To see the changes to the EHF fee schedule, please visit

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