Canada’s Universities Make the Grade in Battery Recycling

Call2Recycle Canada sees 67% growth in campus collections in 2013

iStock_000013254763XSmallTORONTO (January 14, 2014)– While there may be debate over college-age Millennials’ commitment to environmental responsibility, students at some of Canada’s universities are supporting green initiatives by recycling batteries through Call2Recycle Canada’s on-campus collection program. Call2Recycle®, North America’s first and largest battery stewardship program, has collected more than 60,000 kilograms of batteries through its higher education channels since the program was launched in 1997.

Academic environments filled with students using multiple electronic devices—cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc.—and the batteries that power them, generate high volumes of e-waste.  Adopting a waste management strategy that maximizes participation is essential.

Last year, Call2Recycle’s university collection program diverted almost 19,000 kilograms of batteries from local landfills. The program saw the greatest increase in collections at two schools:

  • University of Ottawa experienced a triple digit rise over 2012, increasing collections by 251 percent.
  • University of Manitoba, relatively new to the Call2Recycle program, increased collections by 85 percent

Other campuses that saw significant participation, as measured through 2013 collection volumes, include:

  • University of British Columbia – 2,350 kilograms
  • Dalhousie University (another fairly new campus to the program) – 1,223 kilograms
  • University of Victoria –  811 kilograms
  • University of Toronto (enrolled in the program in 3Q 2013) – collected more than 200 kilograms in less than four months

 “Of course we are excited to see battery collections increase on Canada’s university campuses,” says Joe Zenobio, Executive Director for Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “But, just as importantly, these numbers confirm that our college students are changing how they dispose of e-waste and adopting more environmentally responsible behaviors.”

As an established organization, Call2Recycle provides campuses with more than just battery collection and recycling services. The program also helps campus facility managers and administrators meet compliance and legislative requirements that dictate how certain materials must be recycled, including proper documentation confirming proper disposal.

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