Canadians kick-start 2014 with strongest January in battery recycling history

2013 marked 17 consecutive years of increased collections across North America for Call2Recycle, Inc.  Now, thanks to last year’s momentum the organization has achieved the best year-start for Call2Recycle Canada to date.

71 percent more batteries were collected across Canada by Call2Recycle in January 2014 than in January 2013. The increase was led by Quebec and British Columbia where Call2Recycle is the mandated battery recycling program, with staggering increases from January 2013 of 115 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

“At a time of year when many Canadians wish they could hibernate, we are pleased that people are still managing to take the time to dispose of their batteries responsibly,” said Joe Zenobio, executive director, Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.  “With Call2Recycle Canada recently selected as the preferred provider for battery recycling for Canada’s federal government agencies and departments, there is no doubt that this momentum will continue and more batteries will be diverted from landfills throughout the country.”

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