Citizens across Canada collect with passion in Call2Recycle’s Waste Ace Contests

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Winning has never been so important!

BC-WasteAceWinner_2015Call2Recycle partnered with municipalities, institutions and associations throughout Canada during Waste Reduction Week from October 19th through the 25th. Our partners rose to the occasion and pulled out all the stops to raise awareness for battery recycling across Canada.
Starting from the Western borders, Call2Recycle collaborated with Science World British Columbia to find a “BC Waste Ace”. The VP of Development of Science World B.C., Jennifer Ingham, said, “Residents flocked to TELUS World of Science with their used batteries and cellphones; we were surprised to see people pulling up with vans full of batteries.”  Carolyn Mitchell was declared the “BC Waste Ace”, collecting almost 500 batteries and eight other top collectors were awarded Ultimate Experience packages and even a membership to Science World at an Award ceremony to be held on December 4th attended by Kristen Romilly, Director at Call2Recycle and senior members of Science World. Call2Recycle is very appreciative of the efforts of this organization in putting up signage, spreading awareness through their many events, newsletters and social media. So far in 2015, Science World has shown a 128% increase in battery collections from 2014!

WinnipegWasteAceWinner_2015In Manitoba, Winnipeg Public Libraries (WPL) across the city entered into a friendly contest to motivate Winnipeggers to collect batteries and cellphones. The West Kildonan Library was the winner of the 2015 Winnipeg Waste Ace Contest with collection efforts of almost 250 kg of batteries. On December 2nd Rick Walker, Manager of WPL, and Delphine Lagourgue, Director at Call2Recycle, will present the winning library with a cash donation to be used towards the purchase of community equipment. Two libraries, Charleswood and Westwood, tied for the Display Contest crown, with creative, informative battery displays. Almost 2,000 kg of batteries were collected, a 100% increase from the previous year’s contest, and traffic to Winnipeg Public Libraries increased by over 100,000 in the contest period! “Congratulations to the West Kildonan residents for contributing to the Call2Recycle initiative by dropping off the heaviest amount of used batteries and cellphones at the West Kildonan Library, winning the  Waste Reduction Week top prize of $1,500.00,” said Ross Eadie, City Councillor for the Mynarski Ward.

In Quebec, Call2Recycle partnered with Jour de la Terre to find a “Quebec Waste Ace” and residents were encouraged to visit to complete a registration form to enter the contest. Nicole Lacasse was declared the “Quebec Waste Ace.” She received a digital camera, and many other enthusiastic Quebec citizens collected batteries and won daily prizes!

PEI_WasteAceWinner_2015One of the biggest successes came from P.E.I., where the overwhelming efforts of the Stonepark Intermediate School in Charlottetown resulted in almost 7,000 batteries being collected by the students. “I want to commend the students and staff of StonePark Intermediate School for their impressive commitment to bettering our environment,” said the Honourable Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment. “I also want to express thanks to Stonepark for raising awareness around our battery recycling program on Prince Edward Island and encourage all Islanders to follow suit in their remarkable recycling practices.”

The champion on the ground was Jill Burry, the Vice Principal who was there to guide and motivate the students. Jill said, “Grade 8 student Emma Willoughby took it upon herself to collect almost 2,500 batteries on her paper route to win the title of P.E.I. Waste Ace. We were pleased to partner with Call2Recyle to achieve our objectives in terms of sustainability, awareness and collections, thanks to the efforts of our Green Team.” The Award ceremony will be held on December 16, with Robert Mitchell, the PEI Minister of the Environment, Merie Surkan, Education Officer, Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC), senior school officials and Line Berube, Director, Eastern Canada, Call2Recycle.

The Waste Ace Contests served as an important reminder for citizens across Canada that battery collection is crucial to keep batteries from landfills where they can potentially harm the environment.  Call2Recycle accepts household batteries (weighing up to 5 kg) and used cellphones (any make, model, or age).  To find the drop-off location nearest you, visit or call 888.224.9764.

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