Turn Back Your clocks, Turn in Your Batteries

daylightsavingfeaturedimageIt’s almost that time of the year! This Fall, Call2Recycle will again encourage Canadians to take some extra steps to keep their near and dear ones safe, while making a positive impact on the environment. As Canadians turn back their clocks on November 1st, we invite our collection partners to help spread the word about the basic safety measures that can be taken to protect households.Learn more. 

battery-buster-auditTake Action This Waste Reduction Week and Run a Battery Recycling Campaign in Your School!

Call2Recycle partnered with EcoKids to invite schools to participate in the Battery Busters: Waste Reduction Week Contest! Get your whole school community involved to collect as many used batteries as possible for your chance to win prizes that will help support future environmental initiatives at your school.

Learn more.

Canadians Smiled All Summer Long for Call2Recycle

Call2Recycle’s RecycleNSmile Campaign drew many Canadians to jump on-board the battery recycling train with summer recycling selfies. The winners are announced!Read more.