Registration & Reporting

When should I register?

As soon as possible. BC/MB EHF implementation and the QC rate adjustment are effective on February 1, 2017.

How do I report?

Upon registration as a Call2Recycle Canada Member, you will gain access to Call2Recycle’s reporting portal, GreenTrax,

How often do I need to report?

Reporting occurs monthly.

How should I register?

If you are a member in Quebec and wish to register for other jurisdictions, please visit our GreenTrax reporting portal. If this is your first time registering with Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. please visit our Member Registration page

What if I want to report and remit sales on behalf of the obligated steward?

You may choose to enter into a Contributor by Proxy Agreement.

This proxy agreement, which is a voluntary agreement between two parties, will provide satisfactory evidence for Call2Recycle in the case that one party agrees to report data and remit sales on behalf of an obligated party.