Industry Stewards

What is an industry steward?

Industry stewards are the foundation of the Call2Recycle program. They are the organizations committed to promoting the responsible recycling of electronic products and batteries when they reach their end of life. Their rechargeable batteries and/or battery-powered products display the Call2Recycle Battery Recycling Seal. They provide the financial support for the program.

How do we become an industry steward?

For more information on how to become an industry steward, please contact us.

What are the benefits of being an industry steward?

Industry stewards gain many benefits through their support of the Call2Recycle program. Their support fulfills recycling requirements in the U.S. and Canada, including compliance with extensive state, provincial and federal regulations. Our Benefits of Being an Industry Steward web page outlines the advantages of becoming a Call2Recycle industry steward.

What is a licensee?

A licensee is a type of industry steward that provides financial support to Call2Recycle for the rights to imprint the Call2Recycle Battery Recycling Seal on its rechargeable batteries, products or packaging. The Seal tells customers that your organization has paid for the proper end-of-life disposal of batteries you introduce to the marketplace.