Marketing and Shipping (for Collection Sites)

How do I schedule a pick-up for my collection box?

All Call2Recycle boxes come with a pre-paid return shipping label already attached. If Purolator or Canada Post regularly picks up or drops off packages at your location, you can leave the box for them to pick up on their next visit.  If you need to schedule a pickup, you can directly call Purolator at no charge. If you are outside of the Purolator or Canada Post service area, please contact our Customer Service Team at 888.224.9764 to arrange a pickup.

How do I order promotion and education materials?

Visit the Support Materials page to access program materials, including posters, customizable press releases, web banners and images. Most materials can be customized. Contact our Customer Service Team at 888.224.9764 to order custom options.

My collection box is missing a shipping label. What do I do?

Contact our Customer Service Team at 888.224.9764 to order a new shipping label. It will be sent to you at no charge


What if I have collected a large quantity of batteries to ship?

Call2Recycleoffers a bulk for collection sites that have shipments of 227 kg or more. For more information about shipping in bulk in Canada, click here.

We have a bulk shipment ready. How do we schedule a pick-up?

Visit the website and complete this questionnaire. Call2Recycle will contact you to set up the shipment.

Are collection boxes available in other sizes?

We only offer the standard 30 kg size collection box at this time. If you need to order more, simply contact us.