Call2Recycle will supply United Nations-approved, pre-addressed, flame-retardant battery shipping boxes to bicycle retailers who are registered as collection sites with Call2Recycle. When the consumer returns an end-of-life or defective battery, it is inspected then placed in the flame-retardant shipping box and sent by approved carrier to a pre-approved processor. Additional boxes may be ordered from Call2Recycle at any time by calling 1-888-665-0908. 

For eBike or eScooter ride sharing operators, when the batteries are damaged in the field and/or reach end-of-life, the operator calls Call2Recycle at 1-888-665-0908 to discuss the quantity, location, and situation. The proper sized container will be sent to the location for loading by operator’s employees based upon clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) pre-approved by both organizations. Call2Recycle will arrange for pick-up and recycling.

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