Federal Government Awards Battery Recycling Contract to Call2Recycle Canada

Call2Recycle’s turnkey program continues convenient battery collection and recycling for Government of Canada departments across the country


Toronto—April 10, 2019 – GCSurplus, the official surplus assets sales agent for the Government of Canada, has once again selected Call2Recycle Canada, Inc., Canada’s national battery collection and recycling organization, as the preferred battery recycling service provider for all federal departments until 2022.  Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. has collected batteries from Federal Government locations since 2014 when the program was awarded its first five-year contract as the preferred battery recycling service provider.  Since that time, Call2Recycle has collected more than 300,000 kilograms of batteries from Federal Government department locations across all 10 provinces. 

The new contract enables the federal government to continue conveniently collecting and diverting their single-use and rechargeable batteries from landfill at no cost. Through Call2Recycle’s turnkey collect-seal-and-ship program, federal facilities and materials managers can easily and responsibly recycle used batteries. All federal employees will also continue to benefit from the added convenience of recycling their batteries at Call2Recycle collection boxes right where they work.

“We are very pleased that GC Surplus has once again selected Call2Recycle as its end-of-life battery management program,” says Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “This means everyone who works for the federal government will be able to continue disposing of their used batteries responsibly, safely and conveniently. With tens of thousands of federal employees across Canada, we know this program has a significant and positive impact on our environment and contributes to our mission of diverting millions of kilograms of batteries from landfills each year.”

About Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. 

Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through collecting and recycling consumer batteries. Since its inception in 1997, Call2Recycle Canada has diverted more than 19 million kilograms of batteries from Canadian landfills and meets or exceeds the most rigorous recycling standards for safe battery recycling and management.  Working on behalf of its stakeholders and with a network of approximately 9000 participating collection locations across Canada, Call2Recycle Canada continues its pursuit of ensuring responsible battery recycling is accessible for all. Learn more at call2recycle.ca or call 1.888.224.9764.

For more information, please contact:

Fiona Bishop-Johnston
Communications Director
Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.
[email protected]

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