From School Plans to Summits, Earth Day Canada Inspires Youth Action

Following a successful launch in January 2013, Earth Day Canada® and Call2Recycle®, have expanded the first EcoKids lesson plan on batteries and responsible battery management. Now students can be quizzed on the content learned from the battery lesson plan in the “Homework Help” section of Beyond Green EDC logoA final component of the lesson plan is a battery activity sheet scheduled to be released on the EcoKids website in the fall.

Also planned for this fall is Earth Day Canada’s biggest youth event ever. From October 25 to 27, Earth Day Canada’s EcoMentors program will host the Beyond Green Youth Summit, a three-day event designed to deeply explore environmental issues, spark passion, and motivate change among attendees. Approximately 1,000 youth from across Canada will come together for this unprecedented weekend of environmental education, leadership, and action.

The Beyond Green Youth Summit will feature a range of engaging speakers, such as environmental adviser Tzepora Berman; award-winning radio broadcaster and urban revitalization strategist Majora Carter; filmmaker, author and daughter of GreenPeace founder Emily Hunter; and clean energy champion Tom Rand.

To learn more about the diverse themes the summit will cover and how to register, visit

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