Happy Stan’s Recycling Services: Happily Keeping Batteries out of BC Landfills and Incinerators for over a Decade!

HappyStanRecyclingLogoNewsletterHappy Stan’s Recycling Services is a waste management pioneer. The BC company’s founder, Stan Kaminski, began collecting paper and cardboard for recycling more than three decades ago. Today, Happy Stan’s accepts more than 40 different recyclable materials and provides a range of recycling services to companies in the lower mainland and Fraser Valley.

Happy Stan’s was an early adopter of battery recycling. Its battery collection program even pre-dates the Call2Recycle all-battery program in BC by a few years. During this time, Happy Stan’s collected, sorted and transported used batteries itself to regional processor Toxco, in Trail, BC. Once the Call2Recycle program was launched, Happy Stan’s was quick to take advantage of it. “The cost was unbeatable,” says General Manager Jamie Kaminski. “We had to charge our clients an arm and a leg to recycle batteries and now we can do it at no charge with Call2Recycle.”

With the ability to recycle their batteries for free, Happy Stan’s customers turn over their used batteries by the dozens. In 2015, the company recycled more than 6,526 kg (14,388 lb.) of batteries weighing 5 lb. or less through the Call2Recycle program. Although batteries are only a small portion of Happy Stan’s overall business, Jamie Kaminski says it is a growing segment and one customers appreciate. “It is definitely a benefit to our clients and they take advantage of it. [Batteries are] recyclable and it’s part of our program, so we encourage them to use it.”

Kaminski consults with each new client to assess their recycling needs, identify proper placement for equipment if needed, and develop a program for them. “We include battery recycling in all of our program offerings to clients,” he notes. Happy Stan’s picks up the recyclables directly from larger clients and also operates a drop-off location in Port Coquitlam where smaller clients who want to save on collection fees can deposit their recyclables.

The drop-off location generates most of Happy Stan’s battery deposits. “We do quite a high volume. People drop off five-gallon pails of batteries at once,” says Kaminski. Because of the large quantities, Happy Stan’s is part of Call2Recycle’s drum program instead of the more common box collection program. The recycling company uses 55-gallon steel drums to ship the batteries it collects directly to the processor. And Happy Stan’s is confident in the recycling process since Retriev Technologies, formerly known as Toxco Inc., is also one of Call2Recycle’s battery processors for the BC region.

Jamie credits Happy Stan’s battery recycling success to the company’s reputation for recycling in the area and consistent promotion of battery recycling. “We have a good client base and are known in the community. If we start to offer something new, people automatically start bringing it to us. If you just keep advertising that you offer battery recycling, people will eventually keep coming back.”

Happy Stan’s commitment to responsible waste management earned the company a Leader in Sustainability award from Call2Recycle for 2015. Ever the pioneers, Happy Stan’s continues to find new ways to help BC businesses divert as much waste as possible from landfill, including soon offering zero-waste consulting services to customers. “Whether it’s batteries, lightbulbs, paper or large appliances, we try to help our customers not only recycle more but reduce their waste even further through process adjustments,” says Kaminski.

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