Issue 10 – April 2010

Call2Recycle®     Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.    April 2010

New Safety Regulations Could Hurt Battery Recycling Efforts
The costs for complying with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s proposed lithium battery shipping requirements may harm battery recycling efforts.
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Call2Recycle Unveils New Collection Kits
Celebrate Earth Day
Used Cell Phones Have A Home
High School Robotics Team Spreads Call2Recycle Message
First Government-Mandated Battery Recycling Program in North America
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Call2Recycle Unveils New Collection Kits 
On April 22, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Call2Recycle will begin transitioning to a brand new collection kit! These kits were developed after our research uncovered several ways to improve our box design and layout. We’ve made it safer, easier to use and more environmentally-friendly.
The box is also the first one to receive a special permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation under its new safety regulations.

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970 in San Francisco to recognize the importance of protecting our mother nature.
This year, Call2Recycle celebrates this day by supporting our program participants to raise awareness about waste reduction and recycling. Here are some of the activity highlights:
  • Earth Day Satellite Media Tour at Grand Central Park
  • Kansas Green Team and Kansas Green Schools battery and cell phone recycling competition
  • Earth911’s twitter contest
  • Lowe’s in-store battery and cell phone recycling promotion
  • Disney’s employee Earth Day events
Honor our planet by protecting it. Earth911 offers great tips on how to be green and also save some green this Spring!

Used Cell Phones Have A Home   
Call2Recycle will celebrate National Cell Phone Recycling Week on April 5-11, 2010, promoted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
If your former cell phone is doing nothing more than gathering dust,  it’s time to clean out your drawers at home or in your office and recycle your used cell phones. You can recycle your cell phone at any of Call2Recycle’s collection locations at retail stores across North America.

High School Robotics Team Spreads Call2Recycle Message   
Call2Recycle is sponsoring Team Spyder 1622 of Poway High School in California to compete in a regional FIRST‘s robotics competition.  Through these activities, young people are encouraged to use their knowledge in science and technologies, and inspired to be innovative and well-rounded individuals.
Members of Team Spyder 1622 have also become ambassadors of battery recycling. They are spreading the message to protect the environment while competing their way to the championship. Go Team Spyder!

Call2Recycle Chosen to Run First Government-Mandated  Collection and Recycling Program in North America
The Call2Recycle program has been selected by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment to collect and recycle cell phones and all household batteries including rechargeables and single use throughout the province of British Columbia (BC).

Our retail collection locations in BC will start accepting all household batteries and cell phones by July 1. This is a significant milestone as other provinces in Canada and certain states in the U.S. will follow the all battery recycling trend. 

Read press release.

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