Issue 14 – August 2010

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Eco Fees Suspended
Battery Legislation Heats Up in CA & NY
Call2Recycle’s One-Million-Pound Challenge
Is Your City Wasteful?
Going Back to School – Eco Style
It’s time for the annual last-minute shopping frenzy for parents. This year, Call2Recycle would like to encourage back-to-school shoppers to consider supplies that are better for our environment and use fewer natural resources.

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Eco Fees Suspended, For Now
By now, many Ontarians have learned the term “eco fee” – an additional fee that consumers in Canada’s Ontario province paid to purchase certain products that are being collected for recycling or proper disposal through Stewardship Ontario’s Orange Drop program.

Due to debate about the fees, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment has temporarily suspended them for 90 days for re-evaluation. As government officials work towards a resolution, Call2Recycle remains committed to collecting and recycling all household batteries at no cost to consumers in Ontario.

Battery Legislation Heats Up
State legislatures in California and New York have made significant headway on two pending bills. California SB1100 Household Battery Recycling Bill and New York State Bill A6813 are both edging closer to being signed into law. The California bill mandates recycling for all household batteries (including alkalines), and the New York State bill requires retailers to provide recycling for rechargeable batteries throughout the state.

What happens if the bills go into effect? Consumers will have more places to recycle batteries and retailers that sell batteries will be required to provide recycling service to take back batteries from consumers in these two states.

Should these laws go into effect, Call2Recycle can provide an easy way for retailers to comply – we currently provide free battery recycling services to over 30,000 retailers, businesses and communities. To find out more about the program, please visit

Call2Recycle Challenges Americans to Recycle One Million Pounds of Batteries
Call2Recycle, along with partners DeWALT, Lowe’s, RadioShack and Staples, challenge Americans to recycle one million pounds of batteries during  MyCall2Recycle, a Call2Recycle consumer awareness campaign. The public is encouraged to drop off batteries and cell phones at any of the Call2Recycle collection locations and help divert one million pounds of batteries from the nation’s landfills between now and October 1.

As partners of MyCall2Recycle campaign, DeWALT, Lowe’s, RadioShack and Staples, are going above and beyond in their promotion of battery recycling through various activities such as reaching out to their consumers via social media; hosting collection drives at select stores; contributing guest blog entries to the new Green Diva blog; providing prizes for the “MyCall2Recycle is …” video contest; and encouraging staff participation via their internal communication channels.

To learn more details about the campaign, visit

Is Your City Wasteful?
A study sponsored by Nalgene, a company that makes outdoor products, unveiled the cities that produce the most waste in the United States. The top 5 most wasteful cities are: Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Houston and St. Louis. Visit <a href=”
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