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Southern States See Jump in Battery Recycling
California’s SB1100 Bill Rebuffed
Simple Recycling Solutions for Bulky Batteries
Call2Recycle Hits the Road
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Southern States See Jump in Battery Recycling
Battery collections have grown eight percent in the U.S. so far this year over 2009 according to data collected by Call2Recycle®. Surprisingly, most increases came from southern states, a region that traditionally is slow to adopt sustainability programs. 

On the contrary, California, Minnesota and Vermont saw a decrease in battery recycling during the same period of time.

California’s Household Battery Recycling Bill Rebuffed
Progress has halted on California’s SB1100 (Corbett) Household Battery Recycling Bill, which would have required producers of household batteries to institute a stewardship (take-back) program to manage used household batteries. It would have also required battery manufacturers to meet recycling goals each year and report data.

Though the bill passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and passed the Senate floor 23-10, it was suspended by the Legislature’s leadership, ending any chance for passage this year. It is unsure that a similar bill will be submitted in the future.

Simple Recycling Solutions for Bulky Batteries
Call2Recycle® accepts all rechargeable batteries (or all household batteries in British Columbia and Ontario) that weigh up to 11 pounds / 5 kilograms each. Since batteries in that weight range can come in all shapes, some of the bulky ones may be a little tougher to fit into the Call2Recycle boxes.
The solution? The easiest route is to open the Call2Recycle box and place the batteries into the large opening on the top. If you have numerous rechargeable batteries that don’t easily fit through the drop-off window of the box, the best route is to choose bulk shipping. Call2Recycle reimburses all bulk shipping costs for batteries and cell phones.
Contact the Customer Service team at 1-877-723-1297 or send them an email to discuss the best option for your organization.

Call2Recycle® Hits the Road
On September 25, Call2Recycle® will be hosting a one-day battery and cell phone collection event at the CN Tower, in Toronto. The event is a part of MyCall2Recycle, a campaign designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance and ease of battery recycling. Other one-day collection events in the month of September will be held in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and San Diego.

In addition to the collection drive, Call2Recycle also encourages consumers to share what inspires them to recycle through MyCall2Recycle website. Once they enter a video contest or nominate green friends, they will get a chance to win prizes.

Don’t have a story to share? No problem. Check out the Green Diva blog or look up a collection location for recycling rechargeable batteries or cell phones, and help Call2Recycle collect more batteries than ever!
To learn more, visit

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