Issue 16 – October 2010

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Recycling Programs Make Brands Stronger
Sustainability and Globalization – Top Concerns for Gen Y
MyCall2Recycle Kicked Battery Recycling Into High Gear
Most Commonly Asked Questions About Batteries
3,000 Kilogram Challenge
Walk the Walk
Latest on Manitoba
Proposed household hazardous and electronic waste reduction plans, including Call2Recycle’s All-Battery Collection and Recycling Plan, have been posted on the Manitoba government’s website.
Lights Out!
Lights Out campaign, launched by Audubon Society, urges the nation to dim lights at night in buildings to save millions of migratory birds every fall (Aug. – Oct.).
Turning off lights can also conserve enormous amount of electricity. Here is a checklist to help small and large businesses save energy and money.
Upcoming Events
The Battery Show
San Jose, CA
Oct. 5 – 7
AASHE 2010
Denver, CO
Oct. 10 – 12
Raleigh, NC
Oct. 18 – 20
Battery Power 2010
Dallas, TX
Oct. 19 – 20
Resource Recycling Conference
San Antonio, TX
Oct. 26 – 27
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Recycling Programs Help Make Retail Brands Stronger
Many retailers recognize the value of in-store recycling solutions for their consumers and communities. When a recycling program is implemented correctly, it strengthens the brand, company image and provides an opportunity for eco-conscious staff and customers to participate in protecting the environment.

Call2Recycle® enlisted IDEO, a design and innovation consultancy firm, to develop “Best Practices” for creating unified collection systems to improve the overall customer experience. It’s beyond “doing the right thing” – it’s creating “Harmony.

Contact Call2Recycle to find out how to help integrate “Harmony” into your business.

Sustainability and Globalization – Top Concerns for Generation Y
What is the biggest difference between the Baby Boomers and Generation Y? No, it’s not the bell-bottom pants, but rather that Gen Y is growing up feeling more connected with the idea of a global society and individuals’ role in it.

IBM’s recent global student study shows students from 40 countries believe that globalization and sustainability issues will affect them the most when they enter the work force. These millennials have a sense of shared responsibility for society and the environment, and they are bringing this perspective into the workplace.

MyCall2Recycle Kicked Battery Recycling Into High Gear

Since July, Call2Recycle® has been reaching out to consumers via social media, radio and television ads, sponsorships and media relations to educate the general public about rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling. Last week’s five-city collection event, a part of the MyCall2Recycle campaign, received positive support from residents, the media and local government officials. And more importantly, consumers learned how easy it was to recycle.

Call2Recycle wants to thank all the campaign partners – DeWALT, Lowe’s, RadioShack and Staples – as well as supporters like Earth911, Poway High School, Sony, Panasonic, Saft, Sony, The Johnson Foundation and VARTA for making this campaign a success.
Missed the collection event? No problem! Recycle at any of the Call2Recycle drop-off locations near you.   

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