Issue 17 – November 2010

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FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing
Updates to Stewardship Ontario’s Household Waste Recycling Program
High Sustainability Ranking Gives Universities A Competitive Edge
Support Local Farmers This Thanksgiving Holiday
Supporting your local farmers is an easy way to eat healthy during the Thanksgiving holiday while boosting your local economy and preserving the planet.

Find out what health, financial and environmental benefits there are for buying locally grown food.

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FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing
In order to protect consumers from fraudulent or unproven environmental claims, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created a set of strict guidelines called Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims for product manufacturers to follow. There are some great examples of what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing green products and services.  
When the green movement became mainstream, manufacturers and marketers saw the opportunity to gain revenue by offering eco-friendly products. But many exaggerated environmental marketing claims such as “product is biodegradable” aren’t always true. According to TerraChoice, an environmental marketing company, more than 95% of consumer goods commit one or more greenwashing sins.

Updates to Stewardship Ontario’s Household Waste Recycling Program
Call2Recycle® has closely followed public reaction and government involvement since the introduction – and suspension – of eco-fees on certain products in the province of Ontario. On October 12, its new Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson announced the repeal of household waste recycling program for materials launched on July 1, including fees that consumers had to pay. The announcement did not affect materials mandated for recycling before this year.

While Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment carefully works through the complexities of the recycling program, Call2Recycle will continue to collect and recycle all household batteries (primary and rechargeable) and work with the Ministry to understand the full impact of this decision.

Call2Recycle will keep you up to date on any major happenings in Ontario. In the meantime, click here to read the official announcement.

High Sustainability Ranking Gives Universities A
Competitive Edge
Universities and colleges, like any other organizations, look for ways to better their services to boost revenue. For this particular sector, improving sustainability rankings might just be the key to gain financial stability.

But finding the right sustainability mechanism is often difficult. Funding, staff, management support and space all play an important role in it.

Walter Sears, Director of On Campus Acquisitions at Better World Books, provides some helpful tips on how to make sustainability efforts a success.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Earth911! Thanks for all you do to preserve the planet. May your 19th year be your best one yet!

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