Issue 19 – January 2011



Call2Recycle Shatters Collections Records

> New York Ups the Ante on Product Stewardship

Greenopolis has 10 great suggestions for going (more) green this year:
1. Plant a tree.
2. Host a clothing swap.
3. Ditch paper and plastic
bags completely.
4. Don’t buy bottled water.
5. Switch to a plant-based biodegradable detergent.
6. Cut back on driving.
7. Unplug electronics at night.
8. Use cloth napkins.
9. Compost leftover food.
10. Buy local produce.

Many consumer products contain more eco-friendly materials and are recyclable these days. But does recycling really make a difference? offers some facts about recycling .


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Call2Recycle Shatters Collections Records and Celebrates 2010 Accomplishments

Call2Recycle ® has announced
a record-breaking 10.1 percent increase in overall rechargeable battery collections!

Through over 30,000 retail, municipal and business partners in the U.S. and Canada, Call2Recycle collected 6.7 million pounds (3 million kg) of batteries in 2010.

In Canada, battery recycling efforts soared by more than 81 percent, due in large part to Call2Recycle’s July 1 expansion in British Columbia and Ontario to include the collection of all household batteries.  Also in 2010, consumer battery recycling efforts through retailers and communities surged by 17 percent.

New York Ups the Ante with Product Stewardship

On December 13, the State of New York signed mandatory take back legislation for rechargeable batteries into law. How might this law affect you and how can you comply?
• Manufacturers and brand owners of rechargeable batteries or products containing rechargeable batteries must submit a collection and recycling plan by March 10, 2011. Call2Recycle will submit a plan on behalf of its licensees who signed the amended agreement.
• Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries in the state of New York must accept rechargeable batteries for recycling by June 8 and post signage indicating so. Soon, Call2Recycle will include the required signage in all box shipments. If you don’t have a program in place, your store can comply by joining the Call2Recycle program.
• Consumers are encouraged to return used rechargeable batteries at retail stores instead of trashing them. Click here to look up a recycling location near you.

Call2Recycle Bolsters Canadian Presence

Call2Recycle’s Canada office has heightened its commitment to diverting batteries from Canada’s landfills with the appointment of a new executive director and a reconstituted board.

New board members include representatives from Sony Canada, Energizer Canada, Panasonic Canada, Proctor & Gamble Canada and Rayovac.

For more specifics, read the press release. Canadian residents can help preserve our natural resources by recycling batteries at nearby drop-off locations.  

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