Issue 31 – January 2012


Jan 2012 Call2Recycle

"Working with Call2Recycle is convenient, and the organization itself is really responsive. The reporting they give back to us, with the breakdown of the chemical composition of

the batteries, is really detailed and concise so it shows us what we’re recycling as far as types of batteries."
– Dawn Whipple, Austin Resource Recovery


Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.

Consumers Recycle More Batteries in 2011
2011 saw consumers recycle a record number of batteries as Call2Recycle®’s collection numbers increased by an unprecedented 13.1%. The program collected more than 7.6 million pounds (3.45 million kilograms) of rechargeable batteries through a network of over 30,000 retail, business and municipal locations throughout the United States and Canada. READ MORE
Battery Collections Comply
with Federal Requirements
The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) recently informed Call2Recycle that the permit for its collection program has been renewed through 2015. That means that collecting and shipping used rechargeable batteries in the Call2Recycle box fully complies with the USDOT’s regulations on safe transport.  A copy of the renewed special permit can be found on Call2Recycle’s Safe Transportation webpage. READ MORE

Covanta Energy Recycling Campaign
Encourages Students
During the month of October, Covanta Niagara, a part of Covanta Energy, launched a campaign with one of their Adopt-A-Schools, Geraldine J. Mann Elementary, to recycle rechargeable batteries and cell phones through Covanta’s participation in the Call2Recycle program. Student council members encouraged and rallied their classmates around the competition and in less than a month, had collected over 25 lbs. READ MORE
Call2Recycle Continues Sponsorship
Call2Recycle is a continued proud sponsor of the Legendary Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge. For over 23 years, the Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge has been putting NHL legends back on the ice to raise money for charities. All told, they’ve raised over $3 million for their non-profit partners. READ MORE

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