Issue 32: February 2012


Feb 2012
“This is a great program, and after just a few weeks, we are pleased with the response we are seeing. We are hopeful that as more departments participate in the program, we will see the recycling numbers increase significantly over the school year.”

– Jo-Ann Ranslow,
EH&S Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School

Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.
The Washington State Senate and House are considering product stewardship legislation that would require rechargeable battery manufacturers to ensure that batteries are diverted from landfills. Senate Bill 6148 and House Bill 2450, state that it is in the “best interest of the citizens of Washington to encourage the recovery and reuse of materials, such as metals,” to reduce the volume of waste in the solid waste stream by implementing a “voluntary industry program to collect and recycle used small rechargeable batteries.” READ MORE
Modern electronics could not function without batteries, from sophisticated internal rechargeable cells to the single-use batteries in your emergency flashlight. Besides stored electrons, these batteries also contain complex compounds that can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, many of these materials are also valuable enough to recover for use in re-manufacturing. READ THIS POST BY LONDON DRUGS

In 1991, New Jersey adopted the “Dry Cell Battery Management Act” making it illegal to knowingly dispose of nickel-cadmium and small-sealed lead acid battery as solid waste. Call2Recycle is an approved program to comply with this requirement and now has over 570 collection sites within New Jersey that increased the amount of pounds recycled in 2011 by 51% over 2010. READ MORE
With Valentine’s Day and Family Day (Canada – also observed as Riel Day and Islander Day) being celebrated in February, they offer a great chance to spend time with loved ones and show the earth a little love with some of these fun eco-friendly crafts that the whole family can enjoy. READ THIS POST BY ECOHEARTH
The Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge is back in full swing, just rounding up their mini-tours in the western provinces, the most recent being in Naniamo, BC on January 25th. READ MORE

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