Issue 4 – September 2009

Call2Recycle®    Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.              September 2009

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Call2Recycle is proposing an all-battery and mobile phone collection and recycling plan for the Canadian province of British Columbia. 

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Recycling 101
Battery Performance Metrics Report
BAN’s e-Stewards
Healthcare Recycling
Robots: the Future of Environmental Conservation
Recycling on the Go
Call2Recycle in the News
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Call2Recycle now accepts Small Sealed Lead rechargeable batteries weighing up to 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms each.
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Recycling 101: Does Recycling Really Make a Difference? 
Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries every year to power radios, toys, cellular phones, watches, laptops and power tools.

What happens to all those batteries? According to, a typical new battery contains up to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic from former batteries.

Call2Recycle helps protect the environment and keep heavy metals out of local landfills by properly recycling rechargeable batteries and cell phones and reusing the reclaimed metals. Find a collection site near you.

Raising the Bar on Battery Collection Performance
Call2Recycle and the Product Stewardship Institute have released the results of a study on battery recycling metrics.

The report, “Battery Performance Metrics: Recommendations for Best Practice”, offers guidance that policy makers, manufacturers and program participants can use to evaluate and strengthen battery collection initiatives.

Say No to Exporting E-Waste
According to corporate responsibility watchdog Basel Action Network (BAN), an estimated 80 percent of discarded electronics products in the U.S. were exported to developing countries for processing. This mishandling of “e-waste” led BAN to create the e-Stewards program to reward organizations with sound waste management programs.

Call2Recycle is pleased to be the first battery program to be recognized as an e-Steward, joining a select group of recyclers whose recycling processes assure that no toxic e-waste collected is dumped in landfills or incinerators, exported to developing countries or sent to prison labor operations. Read more

HCA Setting the Pace for Healthcare Recycling
The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the nation’s largest privately-held operator of healthcare facilities, has improved its sustainability by carefully examining sources of e-waste its facilities produced and evaluating the optimal way to manage each.

More than a year ago, HCA implemented a company-wide recycling program for rechargeable batteries, leveraging Call2Recycle’s collection infrastructure. Since that time, its facilities have recycled more than three tons of rechargeable batteries, mostly from medical devices and equipment.

HCA isn’t alone. Many healthcare organizations have set goals to improve sustainability. To learn more about Call2Recycle’s solutions for healthcare organizations, contact your Regional Account Manager.

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