Issue 5 – October 2009

Call2Recycle®    Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.               October 2009

Higher Education Alert
According to a recent survey by IBM, college-aged individuals are both the most concerned about environmental issues, and the least environmentally responsible.
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It’s A Brand Update (Not A Identity Crisis)
E-Waste – Growing Pains
Green Batteries Set Recharging Records
University of Louisville
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Beer Lovers Go Green
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It’s A Brand Update (Not An Identity Crisis)
If you’ve visited our website, called customer service or met us at an event lately, you’ve probably noticed a few changes at RBRC. This year, we adopted the Call2Recycle®brand as our primary identity. Call2Recycle has been the brand name of our recycling program for about 5 years, and frankly, we like it better. It’s shorter, easier to remember and describes our services better. 

Hope that clarifies the changes you’ve seen. Thank you for your continued support.
The Call2Recycle Team

E-Waste – Growing Pains
College campuses are perhaps the most telling evidence of our culture’s love affair with technology. It is commonplace to see students tote laptops, cell phones, digital cameras and portable gaming devices from the dorm to the classroom and the library. Even professors are shifting lessons to the web and using e-mail, blogs and online forums to communicate outside of the classroom.
The proliferation of technology has changed campus life in many ways, but the growth of electronic products brings the challenge of their proper disposal. Learn how universities are grappling with ways to handle the issue of e-waste on campus. Read full article

Green Batteries Set Recharging Records 
SANYO recently introduced an upgraded line of Eneloop batteries that include improvements that make them more Earth friendly than ever. The upgraded Eneloops can be recharged around 1,500 times (that equals about 3 years of continuous service and 500 more cycles than other rechargeables), a new record for the industry. The batteries also come pre-charged from the factory using clean energy from renewable solar power. Learn more  

Making Campus Sustainability a Reality
Students and faculty at the University of Louisville in Kentucky have found that properly disposing e-waste is a simple and pain-free step toward protecting the environment and improving campus sustainability.
Earlier this year, the university’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety examined the amount of rechargeable batteries used in campus facilities, and evaluated the cost savings of a free recycling program. After enrolling in the Call2Recycle program in April, the university has recycled more than 1,300 pounds of rechargeable batteries! The university’s Physical Plant Department encourages continued participation through a new recycling website and regular training sessions.
Way to go Cardinals!


 Colleges Working Together Toward a Cleaner Environment 
The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is an association of colleges and universities that are working to create a sustainable future. AASHE offers waste minimization resources online, and provides updates on campus waste initiatives and other news through its e-newsletter, AASHE Bulletin. Subscribe to this free e-newsletter.
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