Issue 8 – January 2010

Call2Recycle®    Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.      January 2010

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We are proud to announce that our total collections grew 6.9%, last year.  

Thanks to our supporters for making environmental conservation a priority!

Battery Myths

(True or False)

Putting batteries in the freezer or refrigerator prolong their life

A little true. Batteries lose their power at different rates at room temperature. By placing them in the freezer or refrigerator, it only helps maintain power of certain battery types.

Overcharging is bad for batteries 

True. However, the technology used in today’s battery-powered devices, along with modern battery chargers, makes it difficult to overcharge a battery.

Charging rechargeable batteries before they completely run out of juice will affect their “memory”

Not necessarily true. Batteries made by newer technology aren’t subject to the “memory effect,” though traditional batteries (such as nickel cadmium) may have this condition.

Rechargeable batteries are safe to throw in regular trash

False. Batteries contain heavy metals that can contaminate the environment when improperly disposed of. Call2Recycle has over 30,000 drop-off sites to collect rechargeable batteries for recycling.  

Behind the Battery

Batteries are an essential element of our daily lives, powering products such as cell phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, cordless power tools, handheld gaming devices and other devices that make our lives and jobs easier.

As the gadgets we use become more sophisticated, battery construction and design must evolve to boost performance and efficiency in devices. In a recent article in Battery Power Magazine, Frost & Sullivan Industry analyst Suba Arunjumar has broken down the key developments in battery chemistries in easy-to-understand language, starting with the first modern battery developed about 150 years ago.

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New Yorkers Recycle While Grocery Shopping

The Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC) is a non-profit organization working to improve New York City’s quality of life through various environmental programs, including Greenmarket farmers markets. Greenmarket offers New Yorkers easy access to local, fresh produce while supporting local farmers.

Recently, CENYC expended its recycling efforts by adding Call2Recycle collection boxes for recycling rechargeable batteries and cell phones at select Greenmarket locations.

Kudos to CENYC for numerous efforts to keep our environment clean!

Battery Trends     

According to, Battery Council International recently completed part of an ongoing research project to determine the trends of battery development. Here are some of the interesting findings: 

  • The North America volume will continue to decline due to longer life batteries.
  • Auto accessories will increase battery power needs. 
  • Government regulations and restrictions will become more stringent. 
  • Lead-acid batteries will lose share in the car industry due to increased use of lithium and nickel batteries.
  • Market demand for rechargeable batteries will increase.

Would you like to discuss these stats with Call2Recycle pros? Visit our Facebook page to start a conversation. 

London Drugs Empowers Customers to Recycle    

London Drugs is a leading retailer of health and consumer electronic products with 72 locations across Canada. London Drugs provides a superior shopping experience for customers by offering in-store recycling for products and materials it sells, including batteries. In the decade since London Drugs began using the Call2Recycle program, it has recycled 16,100 kg (35,000 lbs) of used batteries.

To educate customers about recycling, London Drugs uses its “What’s the Green Deal?” website to help teach people how to shop with the environment in mind. The site features a blog, eco-friendly tips and videos, recycling resources, a glossary and information about corporate green initiatives.

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Scoring One for the Environment     

Over the next couple of months, Call2Recycle will be on the road at more than 20 hockey rinks across Canada with the National Hockey League Legends as part of the Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge Tour.

This event puts NHL Legends back on the ice to raise money for charities. To enjoy a great night of entertaining hockey, laser shows, tyke teams and on-ice hilarity, see the tour schedule.

 helps people and businesses care for the environment through its network of  

 30,000 battery and cell phone collection locations across North America.

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