London Drugs’ Big Green Deal

LondonDrugs_GreenDealIf you’re looking for a prime example of corporate commitment to environmental sustainability, you don’t need to look any further than London Drugs. The retailer’s 79 stores provide a vast array of products and services to more than 45 million people each year in Western Canada. The company has taken advantage of its high consumer traffic and well-respected brand to engage staff and store visitors in large-scale recycling activities.

Several years ago, the company committed itself to significantly reducing its environmental footprint. Its goal: divert 95% of its waste from landfills by 2015. Not content to just address waste produced by company personnel, London Drugs launched the “What’s the Green Deal?” initiative to involve consumers and suppliers in its recycling activities as well.

Starting with its own practices, London Drugs strives to improve sustainability by working directly with suppliers and buyers to improve the environmental friendliness of its product inventory. On the consumer side, it launched the website, which offers visitors a wealth of education about recycling and sustainability, including product profiles, videos, tip sheets on decreasing waste and a blog on all things green.

In March 2000, London Drugs became a Call2Recycle collection site, encouraging staff and consumers to recycle their batteries and used cellphones at any of its stores. Just like the wide array of products it sells, London Drugs also accepts many other goods for recycling. From large electronic waste to candy wrappers, the retailer offers consumers the opportunity to recycle almost everything, even encouraging customers to “Bring Back the Pack” and return packaging (cardboard, plastic, plastic wrap and Styrofoam) on goods purchased at London Drugs locations.

Since joining the Call2Recycle program, London Drugs has collected and diverted almost 113,500 kilograms of batteries and 11,500 used cellphones from landfill. In 2012, it diverted almost 5 million kilograms of material overall from landfill.

With a team of employees who aspire to make a difference and a corporate commitment to environmentally sound practices, it is no surprise that London Drugs was recognized by Call2Recycle with a 2012 Leader in Sustainability Award. The award spotlights organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability through significant collection returns and promotion of battery recycling activities to consumers.

The company’s dedication to increasing environmental awareness and recycling activities has brought it very close to its waste diversion goal. Last year, London Drugs recycled an astounding 75% of its waste. Now that’s a big green deal!

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