New lesson plans get EcoKids in the know about batteries

In September, Call2Recycle announced a new partnership with Earth Day Canada. The first major activity of this collaboration – EcoKids battery lesson plans – will launch in January 2013 creating education initiatives for teachers and students about batteries and responsible battery management.

This new online lesson plan will support teachers to improve their students’ knowledge about the importance of batteries and their interaction with the environment. In lesson one, students learn where batteries come from, what they are made of, the various kinds of batteries available, and the role batteries play in our everyday lives. Students will also learn how batteries are an essential part of our daily routine now and in the future.

Lesson two focuses on responsible use and disposal, with information about the environmental consequences of not dealing with batteries properly, how batteries are recycled and what batteries are best suited for different situations.

The lesson plan provides tools for engaging students through games, written tasks, fact-finding missions, drawing activities and group assignments. There are even quizzes for parents. The plans will be available on the EcoKids website in the new year.

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