Painting the World Greener

In October 2012, Call2Recycle® engaged Laurentide Re-Sources Inc. to provide sorting services for our national battery recycling program. Founded in 1989 and owned by Société Laurentide since 2003, Laurentide Re-Sources is located in Victoriaville, Quebec and Springhill, Nova Scotia. The Victoriaville branch was contracted to sort and record batteries shipped from Call2Recycle collection sites and from municipalities across Quebec and Eastern Canada.

But there is more to Laurentide than battery sortation.

Every person who has painted an apartment or house has experienced the dilemma of what to do with leftover paint. Properly disposing of unused paint at the municipal dump used to be the only good option, but Laurentide offers an even better choice – recycling it.

Laurentide recycles domestic paint that it sells under the Boomerang brand in the Canadian market. Boomerang products are made from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain remains.

When the operation began in 2001, Laurentide collected 800,000 gallons of recovered paint and stain over the course of the year.  Today that number has increased to 3,000,000 gallons.  That’s 3 million gallons of paint treated and diverted from landfill each year.

In addition to its initial emphasis, Laurentide has managed to expand their collection capacity to incorporate other types of household waste including fluorescent light bulbs, electric batteries and motor oils.  Through the years, Laurentide has developed a network of collection sites connecting practically all existing municipalities over the province of Quebec from Gatineau to Blanc Sablon and Chisasibi to Stanstead.  By doing so, the company has developed the necessary tools to recuperate appreciable quantities of CFL bulbs and neon, motor oil and inorganics on top of the known volumes of paint.

Since mid-July 2012 when an agreement between Call2Recycle and Laurentide began, the facility has sorted 125,000 kg of used batteries.   Laurentide is the third Canadian sorting facility adopted by Call2Recycle, significantly expanding our national recycling program’s capacity to efficiently collect and divert used batteries from landfills. In the process, Laurentide has also helped support the local economy by offering work for 80 full-time positions. Laurentide is also actively involved in the community via sponsorship of local initiatives and organizations such as Centraide.

Laurentide’s diverse recycling programs contribute to a more sustainable and brighter future for all Canadians.

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