RECYC-QUÉBEC Celebrates a First (Anniversary)

QuebecRecyclesRECYC-QUÉBEC is getting ready to light a candle and celebrate a milestone this July – the first anniversary of its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program. In 2012, the province’s recycling arm—which is responsible for promoting the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of products—launched phase one of the EPR program. Under the new regulation, producers of certain products were assigned responsibility for the life cycle management of their goods: from production to collecting and recycling the products.

At the time of this launch, Call2Recycle was named the official used battery collection program of the province by RECYC-QUÉBEC. Through our program, residents of Quebec are able to drop off any household battery weighing up to five (5) kilograms at close to 2,000 collection locations across the province.

In addition to batteries, other products currently covered by the EPR program include used oil, paint, fluorescent light bulbs and electronics. Now, as the EPR program marks its one-year anniversary, RECYC-QUÉBEC will begin phase two with the addition of component products. For more information about the EPR program, please contact RECYC-QUÉBEC at 1.800.807.0678.

Call2Recycle extends congratulations to RECYC-QUÉBEC on the EPR program’s first anniversary, and on its continued commitment to environmental sustainability.

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