You already recycle your paper, plastics & metals. We’ve made it easy to add batteries to your recycling list!

Batteries can and should be recycled. Here’s why:

  • Battery recycling keeps harmful materials out of landfill Used batteries that end up in your community’s landfill can contain toxic materials that may harm wildlife and the environment.
  • Battery recycling helps keep people and property safe Responsible battery recycling practices ensure batteries are handled in a way that reduces potential fire hazards.
  • Battery recycling supports sustainability Materials reclaimed from recycled batteries can be used to make new products

Battery recycling with Call2Recycle is easy. Here’s how:

1. BAG

Put each battery in a clear, sealable bag*. (available at collection boxes)


Seal the bag for safe battery management & transportation.


Drop in a Call2Recycle collection box.

*If bags aren’t available, Call2Recycle recommends taping the positive (+) terminal of each battery with a non-conductive tape such as CLEAR PACKING TAPE, ELECTRICAL TAPE or DUCT TAPE

View our Best Practices & Safety Training deck for more on how to safely prepare batteries for recycling and a complete list of recommended materials.

Batteries can be recycled at many locations. Here’s where:

Call2Recycle battery collection boxes are located at many leading home improvement, office supply, electronics and drugstore retailers and at municipal depots.

Visit to find your nearest drop-off location.


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About Call2Recycle

Call2Recycle is your provincially-regulated, not-for-profit battery recycling program dedicated to the safe collection and recycling of used batteries.