Is Your Neighborhood Prepared to Lead the Charge for Battery Recycling?


Photo_WPL & collection boxHow about helping recharge the planet too?

During Waste Reduction Week (October 21-27), Winnipeg libraries will be collecting batteries and cellphones at Call2Recycle® collection boxes located at each library. If your local library collects the most, then it wins a prize* that the whole community can enjoy!


  1. Collect your used batteries (weighing up to 5 kg each) and old cellphones (any make, model or age). Click here to find out which battery types are accepted.
  2. Bring them to your local library and drop them in the Call2Recycle collection box
  3. Relax with a good book, knowing you’ve done something positive to help your planet and your species

What will happen to the batteries and cellphones that I drop off?
All used batteries are recycled and used to create other types of materials, including new batteries, stainless steel products and more. Cellphones are refurbished and resold where the proceeds fund cellphone collection program and public education. None of the material broken down from the recycling of used batteries and cellphones makes its way into landfills. To see how Call2Recycle recycles your batteries, click here.

Join in and help your local community become Winnipeg’s Waste Ace!

To find the location and contact details of your nearest Winnipeg Library, visit

Won’t be able to make it to your Winnipeg library during Waste Reduction Week?
The Call2Recycle box located at the library isn’t going anywhere! You can still drop off your batteries or cellphones for recycling at any time during library opening hours.    

Winnipeg Public Library wordmark* Prize could be a bike rack, picnic table or reading lounge area for the winning library as determined by local need.

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