Workshop explores the future roles of Recycling Centres and Depots in BC

On February 20th, the British Columbia Recycling Centres Association (BCRCA) in conjunction with the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) hosted a seminar focusing on non-profit and privately operated recycling centres in BC. Depot operators and municipalities were given up-to-date information on select current and planned stewardship programs directly from the Stewardship Agencies of B.C. including Call2Recycle.

Kristen Romilly, Western Account Manager for Call2Recycle, presented to 100 attendees. Details about Call2Recycle’s battery recycling program were shared including the recycling process and what becomes of recycled batteries downstream. The presentation also outlined business opportunities Call2Recycle’s program would open to participants and, specifically how it would drive business for depots.

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