“FOR THE LOVE OF WASTE’’ – Ecodac Launches New Curbside Service in Montreal

Ecodac, a Quebec-based company, recently launched a new home waste pick-up service for residences and businesses in the greater Montreal area. The service is intended to facilitate recycling of items not accepted by municipalities, such as batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), cellphones, ink cartridges, paint, CDs and DVDs.

Ecodac founder and president, Dominique Fortin, explains “a lot of people want to recycle more, but they’re unfortunately short of time and lacking the tools needed to dispose of these types of items – which are very harmful for the environment – in an ecologically safe manner.”  Ecodac therefore offers them a solution. “We come to their homes and pick up the items they place in their small, red bins – when they request it,” says Fortin. As an add-on to its basic service, Ecodac offers pick-up of small appliances, power tools, electrical and electronic objects and much more.

Through its use of new technology, the Ecodac home service is a practical solution to collecting recyclable items usually intended for Eco Centres or landfill. Ecodac focuses on collecting and sorting materials for recyclers and organizations who then give them a second life. In the process, the company reduces the quantity of waste thrown out in our environment whilst also helping charity organizations collect and redistribute goods that would be otherwise wasted.

For more information about the Ecodac solution, go to www.ecodac.ca.



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