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If you have an e-transport product ready for recycling, please fill out the e-transport Direct Pick-Up Request Form and our team will be happy to assist.

British Columbia E-Transport Overview

In British Columbia, sporting equipment with electrical or electronic components is regulated under the Recycling Regulation Schedule 3, 2 (1)(g). As of 2022, the regulation has been enforced to require producers of e-transport products to establish a program to ensure such products are recycled responsibly, in their entirety, at the end of their useful life. In accordance with this section of the Regulation, Call2Recycle will collects and recycles e-transport products in their entirety in British Columbia on behalf of corporate stewards.

The Call2Recycle e-transport recycling program will provides a means for consumers to recycle their end-of-life e-transport products in a safe and compliant manner. Riders will be able to:

Recycle their e-transport product by requesting an e-transport Direct Pick-Up.

As the program expands, consumers will also be able to drop-off their e-transport product at a designated collection facility, which will become visible on our site locator.

The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee applied to the sale of each e-transport product sold into the British Columbia market. Call2Recycle uses the funds to pay for the collection, transportation and recycling of the e-transport product, along with training, materials to collection sites, and rider communication related to the program.

Accepted E-Transport Products

The products accepted for recycling (collectively referred to as e-transport) will be:

  • e-bikes (including battery and bike)


The Call2Recycle program offers a direct pick-up service at a rider’s residence or a drop-off location. As the program expands, an extensive network will become available where end-of-life e-transport products can be dropped off for recycling at designated collection facilities, including independent bicycle retailers and recycling depots.

Joining the Program

There are different scenarios under which Call2Recycle and a company joining the e-transport recycling program may enter into an agreement:

  1. A new member will sign a Member Agreement with Call2Recycle, appointing Call2Recycle as the organization to responsibly handle the end-of-life management of e-transport products on behalf of the company. 
  2. An existing member will sign an amendment to the existing Member Agreement, appointing Call2Recycle as the organization to responsibly handle the end-of-life management of e-transport products on behalf of the company.

E-Transport Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Bike Co LLC
  • Cycles Devinci
  • Cycles Lambert Inc./HLC
  • EuCan Distribution Inc
  • Gazelle USA, LLC
  • Kona Canada, The Bicycle Group
  • Live to Play Sports Group Inc.
  • Mica Sport Canada Inc.
  • Outdoor Gear Canada (OPUS)
  • Rocky Mountain Bikes, Div. of Industries RAD Inc. (Procycle)
  • Specialized Bicycle Components Canada
  • Trek Bicycle Canada ULC
  • Voltage Bikes Ltd (Pedego Canada)
  • Yeti Cycling LLC