Safety is a core tenet of the Call2Recycle® program and it is reflected in every aspect of our daily operations. We are committed to the safety of the employees, collection sites, transporters, industry stewards, sorters and processors involved in our used battery collection and recycling process. As the country’s premier battery recycling program, Call2Recycle Canada is continually improving our safety policies and best practices to ensure we protect both people and the environment.

We invite you to join us and Charge Up Safety! in your recycling efforts. This safety portal shares our best practices and resources on how to improve recycling safety, whether you are a large business, municipality, retailer, community centre or consumer. Test your knowledge with our safety training lesson. Find out why damaged batteries require special packaging. Download our collection site guidelines. Get ready to charge up the safety of your battery recycling program!

Collections & Shipping

Learn about the essential aspects of handling, collecting and shipping used household batteries, whether you are shipping in boxes or bulk.


Safety Training

Test your safety knowledge, including how to bag and tape batteries, what containers are acceptable and what mistakes to avoid in preparing batteries for shipping.


Damaged, Defective & Recalled Batteries

Find out what to do with your damaged, defective or recalled batteries.


FAQs & Resources

Charge up your recycling safety by reading common safety questions and visiting links to other safety resources.