Provincial regulations can vary greatly from one place to another. This can impact the stewards’ fee structure and the program requirements. Below are the most standard steward documents as they apply to the national Call2Recycle program:

Product Guides

Battery Product Guide

BC E-Bike Product Guide


Click to download the most current EHF FAQs

Membership Agreement

Are you obligated in B.C., Sask., Man., Que., Ont., PEI., and / or N.S? Please review Call2Recycle’s membership agreement before registering as a member.

Proxy Agreement

Are you a company that wishes to report on behalf of another company or are a company who wish to have someone else report on your behalf? Click here to download a copy of the Proxy Agreement.

Rules & Policies

Becoming a member of Call2Recycle? Click here to read about our policies and rules on reporting, remitting, and more.

Provincial Regulations

Read more about the specific EPR regulations in select provinces.