The Recycling Partner of Choice

There are many reasons why you should choose Call2Recycle as your battery recycling program provider; below are some of the most obvious ones.

  • Call2Recycle offers a simple compliance solution for organizations subject to legal diversion requirements.
  • Call2Recycle offers turnkey, yet flexible options for collection sites to ship in boxes or in bulk.

collection-sites-iconCollection sites have the option to be featured on the drop-off locator which can help increase store traffic and customer loyalty.

  • Call2Recycle has special permits from Transport Canada (TC)  and the US Department of Transportation (US DOT), and fully complies with their requirements on the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Call2Recycle is the first battery recycling program of its kind to receive R2 certification.
  • Hundreds of battery/electronic manufacturers and retailers (stewards) support the Call2Recycle program.
  • Call2Recycle is the chosen battery stewardship program by multiple provinces and states governments.

Since 1994, Call2Recycle has been refining and improving its practices to advance operational effectiveness. The program remains committed to environmental sustainability and to the success of its collection partners. By partnering with Call2Recycle, you too can demonstrate your commitment to the environment and to the preservation of environmental resources. How the Program Works

Municipal Best Practices Guide

At Call2Recycle we believe municipalities play a key role in getting out messages to their communities.

To implement a successful battery recycling program, municipalities can follow these THREE steps:

  1. Designate a champion who is committed to success and can help drive engagement.
  2. Follow that up by educating regularly to ensure residents know how and where they can recycle.
  3. Engage community support through consistent program launches including special recycling events.

Please view our Best Practice Guide for Municipalities which will provide more information on how to inform and inspire your community to act on good recycling intentions.

Program administrators can also contact [email protected] for more information.