• Call2Recycle Canada celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Call2Recycle establishes an e-Transport collection and recycling program in British Columbia to provide a means for consumers to safely recycle end-of-life e-Transport products that includes eMobility products such as eBikes, eScooters, eSkateboards and Hoverboards in their entirety


  • eMobility battery collection and recycling program launched for sold-seperately and/or aftermarket batteries in Ontario and B.C., and embedded batteries in other provinces 
  • 7.1 million kilograms collected nationally with strong collections in all regulated provinces 
  • Launched official consumer battery collection and recycling program in Saskatchewan with collections almost doubling versus prior year under first year of regulated program
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with Lithion Recycling Inc. to collaborate on the process of recycling electric vehicle batteries and managing the associated logistics
  • Appointment of newest board members David Ward (Metro), Martin Tammik (Live to Play Sports) and James McPhedran (Independent) strengthening Call2Recycle’s positioning ahead of a significant period of growth


  • Call2Recycle maintains operations across Canada despite government-imposed restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Highest yearly collections to date (4.1 million kilograms) despite COVID disruptions
  • Call2Recycle supports the Ontario government’s development of a new battery regulation, with members transitioned to our Ontario Individual Producer Responsibility program in just three months, and our collection network in the province expanding to 3,000 sites
  • Appointment of newest board members Marcus Boolish (Energizer), Annalise Czerny (Independent) and Julie Dickson Olmstead (Save-On-Foods LP) strengthening governance and expertise


  • Two new members welcomed to Call2Recycle’s Board of Directors: Joe Borsellino and Peter Daley
  • Call2Recycle enters into an agreement with Li-Cycle, a Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery processor located in Kingston, Ontario to plan for future efficiencies
  • Call2Recycle’s program formally launches in Prince Edward Island for single-use and rechargeable consumer batteries


  • Call2Recycle Canada welcomes Douglas Jure to the Board
  • For added safety, flame-retardant liners introduced for collection boxes, as well as specialty kits for damaged, defective and recalled (DDR) batteries.


  • On the 20th anniversary of operation, Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. spins off from the U.S. based Call2Recycle, Inc., to be a Canadian-owned, -operated and -governed non-profit stewardship organization
  • Call2Recycle Canada introduces Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) in British Columbia and Manitoba
  • Canadian Board of Directors established by adding the following new members: Jules Foisy Lapointe, Lowe’s Canada; Katherine Larocque, Costco Wholesale Canada; Maury McCausland, London Drugs; Harriet Velazquez, Velazquez Consulting Inc.; and Bernard Gervais, Familiprix


  • Call2Recycle submits renewal plans in three Canadian provinces with approved take-back plans–British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec.
  • Call2Recycle.ca updated to make it easier for consumers, stewards and other interested parties to learn about battery recycling, search for drop-off sites, order supplies, and become a collection location


  • Call2Recycle signs Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to divert batteries from landfills in the Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.
  • Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. signs a new collaborative agreement with the Canadian Battery Association (CBA) resulting in increased Canadian collection sites.
  • In November, Marcus K. Boolish, Energizer and Daniel Hutter, from Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) elected to Call2Recycle, Inc. board of directors. In July, Norman Clubb appointed as Chairperson of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. Board of Directors.
  • Leading Battery Companies Select Call2Recycle to Manage First U.S. Single-Use Battery Recycling Program in Vermont.


  • Call2Recycle selected as the preferred provider for battery recycling for Canada’s federal government agencies and departments.


  • The non-profit organization that operates the Call2Recycle® program officially changed its name from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) and the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation of Canada (RBRCC) to Call2Recycle, Inc. and Call2Recycle Canada, Inc., respectively.
  • Daniel Hutter, Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) elected to Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. Board of Directors.


  • Call2Recycle expands its program to include all household batteries, including alkalines, in Quebec.
  • Call2Recycle expands its program to include household batteries in all Canadian provinces.
  • Call2Recycle receives California Product Stewardship Council’s “Bow & Arrow Award” for Coalition Building
  • John Matthews, principal of Matthews Strategic Services, LLC, elected to Call2Recycle, Inc. Board of Directors.
  • Call2Recycle is the first program of its kind to receive Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2) certification.


  • Call2Recycle expanded its program to include all household batteries, including alkalines, in Canada’s Manitoba province.
  • John Bradford, Chief Innovations Officer for Interface Americas appointed to Call2Recycle, Inc. Board of Directors.


  • Program expands to include all household batteries, including alkalines, in Canada’s British Columbia province.
  • Special permit received from U.S. Department of Transportation for its all new collection box.
  • MyCall2Recycle, a consumer awareness campaign launched to challenge Americans to recycle one million pounds of batteries.


  • Recognized as the first battery program by Basel Action Network for ensuring that battery waste is not dumped overseas.
  • Andrew Sirjord, the vice president of operations for SANYO Energy (U.S.A), becomes the new chairman of the board of directors.
  • Linda Biagioni, the vice president of environmental affairs for Black & Decker, is elected to the Call2Recycle, Inc. board of directors.


  • Rechargeable battery collection program expands to include 5th chemistry, Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn).
  • Maine enacts cellphone recycling legislation.


  • Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. (formerly RBRCC) celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Mayor of City of San Diego, Jerry Sanders issues an official proclamation recognizing April 11 as Rechargeable Battery Recycling Awareness Day.
  • The House of Representatives reads and adopts Georgia House Resolution 87, which commends Call2Recycle, Inc. (formerly RBRC) as one of Georgia’s sustainable businesses.
  • Zephyr Award recipient for 2005 Annual Report.
  • US Ad Review selects “Recycling Isn’t Painful”, animal print ad series, as one of The Best In American Advertising.


  • New York City enacts rechargeable battery recycling bill.
  • California implements rechargeable battery and cellphone recycling laws.
  • Call2Recycle partners with Xentel DM and the Legendary Hockey Heroes Oldtimers’ Tour.
  • Popular Science magazine presents “Ad of the Month” award to Call2Recycle, Inc. (formerly RBRC) for “Recycling That’s Easy to Wrap Around” advertisement.
  • Retired Cellphone Ad Campaign receives Silver Award from the 3rd Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards and Gold MarCom Creative Award.
  • Recipient of SABRE Award of Excellence for the 2005 Fashion Week event.
  • New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg issues letter of recognition.


  • Program fees waived for all U.S. and Canadian businesses.
  • The Nova Scotia Resource Recovery Fund Board presents Call2Recycle with “Industry Steward of the Year” award at 7th Annual Mobius Environmental Awards.
  • New TV PSAs titled “Recycling Magic” feature environmental activist and eco-stylist Danny Seo.
  • Call2Recycle renews and expands partnership with INMETCO.
  • Recognized with a Gold MarCom Creative Award for its “Cellphone Retirement” ad campaign in the category of “Print Advertising Campaign”.
  • Receives Gold Addy Award by the Raleigh chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for the “Cellphone Retirement” ad campaign.
  • Call2Recycle receives a 2005 Outstanding Sustainable Style Achievement (OSSA) Award in the category of “Industrial Design & Consumer Products”.


  • New national program, Call2Recycle®, announced for recycling old cellphones, as well as used rechargeable batteries.
  • Office Depot and Lowe’s enroll in the program.
  • Recycling cellphones benefits charity, Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
  • Call2Recycle and RadioShack team up to launch National Cellphone Recycling Week.
  • New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proclaims October 11 as National Cellphone Recycling Day.
  • PSAs “Freedom” and “Cordless Cool” receive Silver Inkwell Communications Awards.


  • Certificate of Appreciation received by the Mayor of Ottawa for the Take It Back program.Program fees waived for public agency participation.
  • Public education campaign generates 400 million media impressions.
  • Popular Science magazine honors “Ad of the Month” for the woodpecker with power drill print ad.


  • Hockey legend, Guy Lafleur champions the Canada program.
  • Waste Minimization Award received from the Recycling Council of Ontario.
  • Named “Environmental Partner of the Year” by The Home Depot
  • Presented with Certificate of Appreciation by America Recycles Day .


  • Program expands to include all small rechargeable batteries, adding Ni-MH, Li-ion, and SSLA/Pb, along with Ni-Cd.
  • Governor Jesse Ventura declares April 27 as Battery Check Day in the state of Minnesota.


  • Pollution Prevention Award recipient, presented by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment.
  • New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani proclaims April 26 as Battery Check Day.
  • “Gather Up Your Ni-Cds” TV PSA wins Silver Inkwell award.


  • The first ever Battery Check Day is initiated.
  • Program inclusion in  Canada’s EcoAction 2000 network.
  • Certificate of Environmental Achievement received by Renew America and the National Awards Council for the Environment Sustainability.
  • Recycling at Work Award received by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.


  • Recipient of Keep America Beautiful’s National award


  • Charge Up to Recycle!® program is launched in Canada.
  • Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada endorse program.
  • U.S. EPA certifies RBRC Battery Recycling Seal.


  • Charge Up to Recycle! program launches in the U.S. featuring Richard Karn, ‘Al’ from TV’s “Home Improvement”.
  • Keep America Beatiful endorses Charge Up to Recycle! program.


  • Call2Recycle, Inc. (formerly RBRC) founded by environmentally-committed rechargeable power industry to provide collection and recycling of Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries.