E-Transport Battery Recycling

E-Transport batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries that power electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards. When batteries are at the end of their useful life, they can and should be recycled responsibly.

Collection Partners

Call2Recycle collection partners can opt in to become a collector of e-transport batteries. Collection partners will receive specialized UN-rated, pre-paid, pre-addressed, fire-retardant e-transport battery shipping boxes. 

If you are an existing collection partner and want to start collecting e-transport batteries, please contact [email protected]

Not an existing collection partner, but want to become one? Click here

Provincial Regulations and Producer Obligations

Call2Recycle administers a program on behalf of obligated producers in provinces where end-of-life battery recycling is mandated under regulations. In provinces where regulations are not in place, Call2Recycle offers a program on behalf of producers who opt in voluntarily to ensure the products they place into the markets are collected and responsibly recycled. 

E-Transport batteries are covered under Call2Recycle’s battery program in the regulated provinces; however, there are some unique variations. 


E-Transport Batteries Covered under Call2Recycle’s Program in Regulated Provinces

*Administered under the voluntary program

Not sure if you are obligated under provincial regulations. Click here: https://www.call2recycle.ca/am-i-obligated/. If you determine that you are obligated and want to appoint Call2Recycle to help fulfill your regulatory obligations, please contact [email protected]

If you are a producer who wishes to join the voluntary program in the provinces where batteries are not yet regulated, please contact [email protected]

Member Resources

Call2Recycle provides point-of-sale materials for members to promote e-transport battery recycling and battery safety.

*Not for use in Ontario and British Columbia