As Canada’s national and leading battery collection and recycling program, Call2Recycle® has been voluntarily collecting batteries in Nova Scotia for recycling since 1998 and has established a strong presence in the province. As part of the Province’s efforts to expand the extended producer responsibility (EPR) program, starting July 1, 2024, Call2Recycle will operate a new government-approved consumer battery collection and recycling program per the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations.

Recycling Batteries has never been easier

Call2Recycle accepts used household batteries (weighing less than 5 kg each) in its program. In partnership with municipalities and retailers, Call2Recycle will provide convenient drop-off locations across the province for Nova Scotians.

Retailers, municipalities, businesses, and other interested locations may inquire about becoming a Call2Recycle collection partner.

The program will be funded by Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) applied to single-use and rechargeable household batteries weighing under five kilograms, beginning July 1, 2024. Aligned with other regulated provinces, EHFs transparently cover the cost of safely collecting, transporting, and recycling used batteries so their materials can be reclaimed to use in the manufacturing of new products like bicycles, golf clubs, construction materials, and even new batteries.  

Recycle Your Batteries

Drop off your household batteries for recycling at convenient locations across the province. MORE

Become a Collection Partner

Join hundreds of other retailers, municipalities and businesses and begin collecting batteries at your location(s). MORE

Are You Obligated?

If you manufacture, distribute/sell, or import batteries in Nova Scotia, you may have steward obligations. MORE



  • If you sell, distribute, manufacture, or are the first importer of batteries into the province, we encourage you to review the regulation to determine your obligation.  If you conclude that your organization is obligated, you are required to implement a solution for the collection, transportation, and processing of single-use and rechargeable household batteries. Call2Recycle is committed to working as your trusted partner, fulfilling your battery recycling obligations in Nova Scotia and all regulated provinces across Canada. 
  • An updated product guide and fee schedule, listing regulated products and their associated EHF, are now available on the Steward Resources section of this website, which can be found here.  This update aligns with the 90-day notice period before the program’s effective date, scheduled for July 1, 2024.