As Canada’s national and leading battery collection and recycling program, Call2Recycle® has been voluntarily collecting batteries in the Yukon for recycling since 2002 and has established a presence in the territory.

In January 2024, the Government of Yukon approved an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulation for hazardous and special products including batteries.

Call2Recycle has finalized its plan proposal for a new Yukon battery recycling program. In preparation for the final program plan submission, we invite you to provide comments on the Yukon program plan draft. We welcome your feedback, which you can provide via our email at [email protected]. This plan will be open for consultation until July 22nd, 2024. The anticipated program launch date will be early 2025.

Call2Recycle will continue playing an active role in Yukon throughout the implementation period, and we will keep our members updated as to the consultation dates and how to join.

Please check back shortly for updates, including consultation dates and details on how to join.

Recycling Batteries has never been easier

Call2Recycle accepts used household batteries (weighing less than 5 kg each) in its program. In partnership with municipalities and retailers, Call2Recycle will provide convenient drop-off locations across the Yukon territory for local residents.

Retailers, municipalities, businesses, and other interested locations may inquire about becoming a Call2Recycle collection partner.

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