Battery recycling just got smarter!

The rapid advancements in battery technology, particularly the rise of lithium-ion batteries, are driving us toward a greener, unplugged future. Originally designed for small, portable gadgets, lithium-ion batteries are now powering everything from Electric Vehicles (EVs) and E-Bikes to consumer electronics and outdoor power equipment.

Not only do batteries afford us convenience and mobility, but they also contain valuable materials, like lithium, cobalt, and nickel, that can be recovered and reused. Recycling helps conserve these resources, reducing the need to mine for virgin materials and helping to build a strong circular economy.

However, establishing an efficient and sustainable system for maximizing material recovery from these batteries can be challenging. Batteries must be handled with care, as co-mingling them with other materials, or improperly disposing of them presents significant safety risks to people, property, and the environment. Therefore, safety concerns in collecting, handling, transporting, and recycling batteries first must be addressed head-on.

Innovation – the intersection of recycling and safety
Call2Recycle is leading the charge to overcome these obstacles through the introduction of its new technology-driven ‘Smart’ Battery Recycling Container as part of its new consumer-facing brand, Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!.

The first of its kind in North America, the innovative ‘smart’ container integrates cutting-edge technology to create an intelligent system that goes beyond traditional collection boxes and simplifies the recycling process for collection sites and consumers while prioritizing safety and accessibility.

Safety first!
The smart container encompasses a wide range of features geared towards safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. To mitigate safety risks, temperature monitoring technology can quickly alert collection sites to increases in heat, thereby minimizing the risk of thermal events. Additionally, the spring-loaded lid enhances sealing, effectively restricting oxygen entry and mitigating the potential for fire incidents. Constructed from durable steel, the container contains any fire incidents within itself, preventing further spread and ensuring a secure environment.

Equipped with heat and fill sensors for safety and efficiency, the smart lid features a spring-loaded design that enhances sealing, preventing oxygen entry and reducing fire risk.

Improved efficiencies
The smart container also provides operational efficiencies through several enhancements, including remote monitoring capabilities that track fill levels, so volume collected per visit is optimized. The adapted opening design reduces the likelihood of non-conforming materials being deposited, facilitating a more effective and streamlined sorting and recycling process. The reusable container eliminates the need for manufacturing, shipping, and disposal of individual boxes and liners, resulting in reduced materials and waste. It also allows for a significantly larger volume per collection, accommodating up to 150 kgs/container, resulting in substantial reductions in logistics costs and the environmental footprint.

The containers’ sensing capabilities go beyond monitoring by proactively notifying program managers when they are nearing full capacity. This advanced feature ensures a seamless and efficient process for pickup, transport, and support at the collection site. By enhancing program convenience, it not only streamlines the program management for existing collection sites but also encourages additional organizations to join as collection sites.

Consumer engagement
By prominently featuring the Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! logo, improved messaging, and a QR code, the container transforms into an educational “billboard,” raising public awareness about the importance of safely managing batteries at their end-of-life.

A new era for recycling
Starting February 2024, Call2Recycle will begin rolling out the new Smart Battery Recycling Containers in public locations across Canada, providing greater accessibility for individuals to collect, protect, and drop off their household batteries responsibly and safely.

The advent of Call2Recycle’s new ‘smart’ containers represents a transformative shift in how we approach battery recycling, leveraging technology to create a safer, more efficient, and convenient system.

Welcome to the new face of battery recycling!

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