Call2Recycle Canada and Save-On-Foods Partner to Increase Battery Recycling and Protect the Environment

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Call2Recycle Canada Inc., the largest national consumer battery collection and recycling organization, is announcing a new partnership with Save-On-Foods. This partnership will give Save-On- Foods customers an opportunity to have a real impact on the environment by returning end-of-life batteries to their local store on their next shopping trip. The introduction of Save-On-Foods into the Call2Recycle network will also increase the number of drop-off locations for the stewardship organization, making it more convenient for Canadians to recycle their batteries in Western Canada.

“We are pleased to partner with Save-On-Foods as part of our efforts to ensure that batteries are diverted from landfills and recycled in an appropriate fashion. Our mandate includes making it easier for Canadians to recycle batteries and by giving them the opportunity to drop batteries off on their next shopping trip to Save-On-Foods locations, customers are able to protect the environment effortlessly,” said Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada.

Save-On-Foods launched its battery program at all 177 locations on May 30 to provide customers with the convenience of returning old batteries for recycling to their point of purchase. Collected batteries will be sent for processing, where valuable materials like metal alloys and plastics are retrieved and used to contribute to a circular economy. These types of materials produce new products like golf clubs, silverware, bikes, and even new batteries.

Save-On-Foods has a long history of working to align its corporate social responsibility with the societal and environmental concerns that matter to Canadians and people around the world. By partnering with Call2Recycle, Save-On-Foods is happy to give its customers the platform to divert batteries from landfills and contribute to the circular economy in a manner that is approachable and accessible.

“Our customers raise important questions and bring forward local, provincial, national, and even global opportunities for our company to make a difference. We listen to them and take action,” said Darrell Jones, President, Save-On-Foods. “This initiative is a great example of a way we can make it easier for customers who buy batteries to recycle them while we ourselves, as a business, continue to explore how we can evolve our activities to better engage with circularity and net-positive outcomes. It’s truly a win-win,” added Jones.

With a strong focus on advancing the circular economy in grocery, Save-On-Foods is testing and integrating a number of programs and approaches that focus on opportunities ranging from food waste to reusable packaging to multi-sectoral partnerships that enable the re- integration of ‘waste materials’ into the value chain.

About Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.

Call2Recycle® is the provincially-approved consumer battery collection and recycling program for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island, and operates as a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario according to the Ontario Batteries Regulation. Call2Recycle accepts household batteries (weighing up to 5 kg) for recycling and eMobility batteries used to power eBikes, eScooters, eSkateboards, and Hoverboards.

Since its inception in 1997, Call2Recycle has diverted over 34 million kilograms of batteries from Canadian landfills and meets or exceeds the most rigorous recycling standards for safe battery recycling and management. Working on behalf of its stakeholders and with a network of more than 9,500 participating collection locations across Canada, Call2Recycle Canada continues its pursuit of ensuring responsible battery recycling is accessible for all. Learn more at or call 1.888.224.9764.

About Save-On-Foods

Save-On-Foods is a Jim Pattison business, committed to Going the Extra Mile for customers in every community served, every day. Known for its unique approach in customizing each store to best suit the needs of the neighbourhood by carrying more than 2,500 locally-made products from more than 2,000 local growers and producers, the company has been innovating and putting customers first for over 100 years. Save-On-Foods, its supplier partners, team members and generous customers have donated more than $40 million to children’s hospitals and contribute $3 million in donations to food banks across Western Canada each year.

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